Literature Review

A literature review gives a crucial appraisal of the references you’ve collected and perused encompassing your field, and after that pinpoints a ‘gap’ in the writing that your research is going to focus on.

Whilst sometimes a literature review might be a synopsis of crucial references, at times it necessitates one to crucially connect with the subject matter to communicate your viewpoints concerning it, plus several criticisms, if there exist any.

While a synopsis will offer a reiteration of the total contentions of the reference(s), a literature review is going to offer a fresh standpoint on a typical research essay, or it might blend fresh plus erstwhile elucidations.

Is a Literature Review Really Essential?

A literature review’s a vital component of any scholastic composing, since it shows the audience that you comprehend the references linked to your investigation field or query.

Moreover, a literature review assists in persuading the reader to agree with you that what you’ve composed is pertinent plus your contentions are warranted.

Composing a Literature Review

Utilize the following guidelines to guide you while composing a literature appraisal:

Pinpoint References

To compose a quality literature review, you ought to be acquainted with the references you’d wish to appraise. Make certain the references you utilize are sensible plus incorporate adequate books plus journals from respectable academics.

To assist you to select references suitably, ponder your research’s strictures and aims. Which hypothetical matters are you intending to work on in your appraisal? What about the methods to be used? What are you anticipating to discover? These queries are going to assist you to choose suitable references. Take into account that scanning the abstract will provide you with a clue of whether the reference is going to be valuable to your investigation or not.

Keep a listing of the references you find since you can easily lose concentration as a result of the many distractions on the internet. There are referencing tools which enable the storage of references over the internet and through a desktop app.

The citation tools in these programs will enable the exportation of citations in the setup you prefer. For instance, if you’re composing a literature review example APA, you’ll be able to utilize the APA referencing style with these citation tools easily.

Peruse Your References

Peruse every text to be aware of their overall subject matter plus contentions. This will assist you to ascertain the references you wish to focus on in your appraisal. In the second phase of your research, you can look at the references more comprehensively.

Make sure you make notes. Going through your references will guarantee that your appraisal isn’t merely a synopsis of your analyses, plus will promote a vivid line of contention.

Mull Over disparities in the Research

When composing a literature review, the vital thing to do is to ascertain a research gap. Ascertaining this gap is important if your appraisal constitutes a portion of a research proposal, since it will emphasize the relevance of your research. Moreover, identifying the gap is a sign of good critical analysis.

To pinpoint a gap, it’s vital that you are familiar with this gap. A research disparity is the presence of a research query or viewpoint which hasn’t been resolved in current writings on any subject. Ascertaining the disparity is critical for emphasizing the uniqueness of your research.

Moreover, it also portrays that you know the standing of the writings in your discipline, which in turn showcases the quantity of investigation plus exertion you have to invest in the literature review.

To ascertain a research disparity:

  • Begin by reading – Peruse every crucial component of significant papers in your investigation. Keep in mind that you shall need to go through several papers to pinpoint the ones that are appropriate for your paper. Valuable references that will offer a quick outline of existing writings include Google Scholar.

Compose the Literature Review


  • Utilize Sample Literature Reviews

Search for literature review samples in your discipline plus peruse them to familiarize yourself with prevailing crucial discussions. This can turn out to be an ideal basis for outlining your appraisal. If you’re conversant with scholastic composing, reading a sample of a literature review will assist you to be aware of what to expect.

Be aware of scholastic lingo plus official style utilized. Also, keep in mind that the reference segment of your selected texts will help you increase other references if required.

  • Keep it Straightforward

Narrow the subject. Various people tackle research challenges using different methods, plus the existing literature on any given topic is wide. You won’t be required to tackle each contention regarding the subject. You might not be able to compose a concentrated paper. Curb your paper’s scope.

  • Use Current References

For scientific papers, your references ought to be up-to-date due to developments in your discipline. This regulation might not be applicable in social sciences because most theoretic writings are classic, and you are necessitated to know with these viewpoints. You’ll have to weigh concept alongside existing approaches, since you’ll have to show in what manner the standpoints in the writing have transformed over time.

  • Organize Your Paper

Organization is more than simply possessing a beginning, body, plus ending. You’ll be assessing various texts; thus you’ll need to ponder vividly concerning organizing subjects plus your contention generally.

  • Ponder the essential edifice first – A literature review ought to contain a beginning, body, and ending. The beginning ought to be sharp plus concentrated. It ought to mention the central subjects which need to be tackled plus contentions to be made. Moreover, the body will contain a vital examination of references selected for review.

Your references can be organized in accordance with themes, or follow a sequential order. Make use of direct quotes in your appraisal (they should be sparingly utilized). In the ending,

it’s important to give a synopsis of the deductions arrived at from your research. In case your literature review constitutes a fragment of a wider research proposal, recap the disparities in the writings here, in addition to mentioning the manner in which your investigation will fill these disparities. Come up with recommendations also for future reference.

  • Consider the edifice of the body – The body is the vital component of the paper. Therefore, it’s vital to ponder how you’ll organize it. It can be organized in a sequential order, on the foundation of methodology.

A more logical method of organizing your paper is to organize your references on the basis of the contentions they make. For example, if you wish to communicate the discussions on the immigration strategy in Europe; begin by composing something like this:

Whereas scholars like X ague that immigration strategies ought to be made stricter to counter the surge of migrants from Syria to Europe, others like Y propose a different view. They advocate for a viewpoint on the basis of a civil liberties tactic.’

This tactic likewise gives you the chance to air your standpoint on the literature. Ponder this:

Whereas X advocates for the passing of strict guidelines, this article agrees with Y that immigration guidelines ought to be have civil liberties contemplations.’

Utilizing this tactic likewise aids you to bring in additional writings which support your opinion. You can also organize your content according to theme if the literature review concentrates on an overarching subject. Organizing your paper utilizing a methodological technique is a usual tactic; nonetheless, it’s mostly utilized together with other techniques of organizing references.

  • Compose the Body Subsections

Mull over this subsection from a literature review example apa on investor involvement for managing the environment, to elucidate the debate that ensues:

Notwithstanding the lingo together with worries articulated, there have existed several attempts to look into the legitimacy of several assertions formulated for investor involvement (Webler, 1999; Beierle, 2002; Brody, 2003; Blackstock et al. 2007). Various efforts made have managed to concentrate on examining the procedure instead of results (e.g. Renn et al., 1995; Beierle, 2002; Rowe and Frewer, 2000). This might be because of the difficulty of choosing suitable assessment standards plus methods of gathering data. Blackstock et al., 2007 argues that the examination of partaking procedures ought to be partaking, with investors choosing as well as utilizing the appraisal criteria. Nonetheless, it isn’t clear-cut. Webler and Tuler (2006) came across solid dissimilarities of opinions between partakers that they chose from 10 examples on what comprises an ideal partaking procedure.’

From the literature review example, a literature appraisal ought to be composed via an official and scholastic technique. Make certain that your composing is coherent, concise, and the language isn’t personal. Don’t utilize terms like “I abhor Y’s writing” One scholastic tactic of putting forward your argument would be, “Y’s contention doesn’t coincide with the proof for the reason that…”

If the appraisal is customized to an article appraised by peers, it’s good to view papers in that scholastic article so as to have an idea of the composing technique. You’ll regularly be necessitated to utilize the third person narrative while composing a literature review; therefore terms identical to “this article favors the opinion that…”

Exemptions exist when one gets to Masters or PhD. He or she will possess the license to formulate bold assertions. The first person narrative can be used, for instance, “I propose.” Utilize present tense while alluding to viewpoints plus theories.

Moreover, use linking terms like likewise, according to, among others.

  • Compose the Ending

Your ending ought to incorporate a synopsis of the writings’ consequences, which you ought to relate to the contention.

Don’ts of composing a Literature Review

  • The appraisal shouldn’t use the language of everyday speech.

  • Don’t plagiarize by using words quoted right from a source or failing to cite a source of information.

  • Steer clear of utilizing emotive terms in your appraisal. You’re composing a literature review to present current thoughts on your subject.

  • Don’t give subjective viewpoints. A literature review is objective and not subjective.


Composing a literature review may be a tiresome procedure that involves numerous stages. To assist you save time as well as come up with the best review, utilize the steps stated above.

Remember to proofread plus edit your work before submitting it. Lastly, reading an example of literature review or two will assist you to see how to implement the tips given here.